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'Our new kitchen has given us more quality time together'


Emma and Simon looked to Cymru Kitchens, a company they had found to be very helpful, for guidance on layout, planning and design

Emma and Simon Morgan live in a five-Bedroom house in South Wales with their children, Thomas, 14, Charlie, 11 and Tess, 8 and dog Bitsey and Pudding the cat. 

Having lived in their period home on the welsh border for 15 years, it wasn't before time that Emma and Simon Morgan embarked on a kitchen renovation. 'Simon kept asking me why we hadn't redone the kitchen but I think I was biding my time until I knew exactly how I wanted it to look. I also couldn't justify moving in and ripping out a functional kitchen right away.' remembers Emma.

However, once the couple decided it was time to ring the changes, Emma began trawling the pages of glossy homes magazines in search of her dream kitchen. 'It was in an issue of Beautiful kitchens that I found exactly what I was looking for!' she reveals. 'I tore out the page and kept it to remind me of where i started with the idea.'

Working within the framework of the existing kitchen, Emma and Simon looked to Cymru Kitchens, a company they had found to be very helpful, for guidance on layout, planning and design. 'There were limitations to what we could do without completely restructuring the room but design is all about compromise,' says Emma. 'We were quite adamant that we should keep the functional aspects, such as the cooker and sink, where they were, as there was no real need to relocate them and incur extra cost. Instead, we spent the money on knocking down the walls of the old walk-in pantry and gained a fantastic dining space. ' Not only did this offer the Morgans a practical addition but a new window with views of the back garden also allowed lots of extra light to flood into the space.

Knowing that she wanted slate floor tiles for their rich shade and texture, Emma's colour choice for the cabinetry had to compliment the flooring. The calming pale blue-grey shade she chose does just that. It helps retain a sense of space and light but is prevented from looking too clinical with a warm wood breakfast bar on the island and a chunky piece of timber within the over mantel. Dark granite worktops elsewhere echo the stone floor.

Despite having a clear idea of the stylish result she was after, Emma says that having a kitchen company look after every step of the planning, design and installation was invaluable. 'Nothing could have prepared me for living without my kitchen for so long. So, having a team on which I could rely, took away any element of doubt or worry I had.' she remembers.

Now that the kitchen is finished. Emma concludes that the new room, and all the hard work that went into the installation, has been worth it. 'It took me long enough to pluck up the courage to go for it but the result is reward enough. Now the children can sit and do homework or crafts at the table, chat to me while sitting at the breakfast bar if I'm cooking dinner or snuggle up on the sofa and read. All three love coming home from school and spending time doing what they enjoy. Our new kitchen has giving us more quality time together, ' she smiles.