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Ophelia and Paul Hogan were looking for a timeless combination of old and new


Ophelia and Paul Hogan were looking for a timeless combination of old and new for their relocated kitchen


Pieces of antique furniture blend well with the natural aged pine and painted cabinetry. 'Mixing old, new natural timber and painted creates such a wonderful effect. It's so timeless,' says Ophelia. The colour for the cabinets was mixed to match the cream Aga using Bramar Sands and Roman White, both in oil-based eggshell by Dulux. The walls are painted in Helium, also by Dulux. Mirrored doors were chosen for the fridge freezer to reflect light.

Ophelia had a combination oven and two-ring induction hob built onto the island to provide back up for the Aga. While modern, they do not detract from the traditional look of the kitchen. The feature tree trunk breakfast bar support was enhanced by incorporating lighting into the underside of the table top. The granite had to be ground out to make sure that each light sits flush. The tree trunk base for the raised eating area reminded Ophelia of design elements in Gaudi's Museu del Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. It came from an aged oak tree that was being felled,' she says.' The vertical columns of the housing that accommodates the Amana fridge freezer have been turned into handy storage for glasses, making use of every inch of space.

Ophelias story

Overlooking the Severn estuary stands what was once a tiny cottage that several centuries of embellishment by different owners has turned into a a substantial family home for Ophelia and Paul Hogan and their daughters Evangelina, 11 and Constance, eight.

'We've also made a lot of alterations,' say Ophelia, a personal manager, 'but the major change was the kitchen. The one we inherited was tiny and badly planned.'

The couple moved the kitchen to what had been a lounge to benefit from a larger space. Inspired by some antique furniture they already owned, they asked William Fox at Cymru Kitchens to create them a timeless scheme that combined both old and new. 'William's design did just what we asked and works beautifully with the original pieces that we had,' smiles Ophelia.