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Cymru Kitchen's Sponsorship: SARA

Dakeney Fox 04 Jan 2018

Cymru Kitchens sponsor SARA (Seven Area Rescue Association)

SARA is the largest multi-disciplinary search and rescue organisation in the UK. It operates inshore lifeboats on the tidal Severn, Wye and Usk, and provides inland water and land search & rescue throughout the Severn Area, 24x7x365 with over 150 qualified all-volunteer crew from 6 Stations.

The SARA lifeboat trainees have been undergoing a programme of training to prepare them for many of the scenarios that we face on the Severn estuary and the tidal rivers. Trainees have been swimming in full kit from our launch slipway to the ‘hen and chickens’ and tasked to board the lifeboat without assistance. They have been repeatedly ‘man overboard’ - sometimes in order to experience the effect of the lifeboat’s wake if it approaches a casualty in the water too quickly. Trainees have also deployed and recovered anchors, and practiced stowing kit under disorienting conditions designed to induce sea sickness! Fog passages were simulated under cover of a bivvy-bag at night to guide helms to safe waters by compass bearings. They were sent overboard to swim to rivers edges and recover casualties, and undertook mud-work familiarisation (getting stuck and selfrecovering). Shallow water work has seen our trainees deployed on Aust and Leary rocks to learn their footing for night time shouts. Launching and recovering in every conceivable combination of landrover, launch tractor and life-boat was another skill practiced, all whilst the instructors were firing a water hose in their faces! The true testament is that the trainees have persevered! They have now completed their marine radio licence and are undertaking their powerboat level two (‘PB2’) certification in preparation for the scenario assessments where they will be put into simulated ‘shouts’ and expected to perform as a team under pressure, with a few surprises thrown in for good measure.


Taken from the Winter Newsletter 2017/2018

For more information and to donate to SARA visit www.sara-rescue.org.uk

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