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Ode to Cymru Kitchen

Mark Bellew 01 May 2015

We have just received this delightful poem from one of our very satisfied customers. If you would like to be able to 'wax lyical' about your kitchen, please get in to on 01633 67 67 67 and we can start the conversation.

It started with a stranger

All legs and height and willing

“I’ve come dear people to problem solve

And it’ll not cost you a hefty billing.”


“My Name is.... The William Fox

My talent is to draw

I’ll plan your kitchen to a T

You’ll never want for more.”


And so the journey had begun

An underworld of things

Of granite, limestones, knobs and doors

Of’ pullouts’,pantrys and swings.


A daunting prospect filled us full

But with plans and decisions made

It was onward and upward

Would they make the grade?


It started quite Dad’s Armyish

With Paul in his Captains suit

Aided and abetted by his right hand soldiers

Pike, Jonesy and Godfrey to boot.


With William back at HQ

They all prepared to serve

The troops were armed and ready

To tackle nook and cranny and curve.


Firstly came the wrecking crew

Lyndon with his lump hammer and bin

Tearing up the happy home

Uncovering every sin.


No problem was too great

As they shored the kitchen up

Keeping the brown brew flowing

No space twixt lip and cup.


An empty vessel plastered straight

For Marshall to do the floor.

For Sparky Richard to do the lekky

And then of course there’s more.


The lights and sockets dazzling

The limestone floor in place

Such craftsmanship, such hard work

Such a magnificent beautiful space.


Then excitement started mounting

As the boxes piled right high

Appliances and engineered pulls

Imagine if you can try


A magic pile of hardware

All gleaming technological and new

To cook and wash and boil and chop

To store and cool and stew


The next wave had arrived

Robin came to town

Paintbrush wielding, paintpot full

And smiling , Nerry a frown.


The Granite arrived resplendent

It fitted in so well

Fingers crossed it was coming true

Everything looked swell.


Snags a problem???I think not

As Paul,  thinking cap in hand

Made sure a wrong was righted

His own problem solving one man band.


The result has been amazing

We love our kitchen so

It takes our breath away

Everyone should give it a go.


The backroom gang were marvellous

Sally, Karen and the workshop men

All were just so good at it

I would do it all again!!( Poetic license here)


So well done William Fox and Co

Cymru Kitchens did their job

From floor to kitchen cabinet

From decor to shiny hob.


The cupboards are amazing

The kitchen is a dream

Thankyou all from Keith and Ingrid

To the Cymru Kitchen dream team.

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