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What are the benefits of choosing Silestone for your worktop?

Dakeney Fox 14 Feb 2018

What are the benefits of choosing Silestone for your worktop?

Top Benefits of Silestone

Silestone has become the skin of thousands of worktops all over the world, the wide range of colours and textures, create a unique environment where you can unleash your creativity. Your kitchen can be a unique space harmoniously integrated with custom-made style thanks to Silestone

Silestone is natural quartz created to provide colour and texture for kitchen surfaces. Thanks to it's physical and chemical properties, a result of years of investigation, it guarantees maximum hygiene and safety.

Resistant to Acid and and Scratching. 

Quartz is one of the hardest minerals that exists. This makes the products very durable, with a high level of resistance to external damage.

Resistant to Stains

Silestone is a non-porous surface which is highly resistant to stains from coffee, wine, lemon juice, oil, vinegar, make-up and many other daily use products.

Resistant to Impacts

Silestone high level of resistance to impacts allows very hard objects (pots, trays etc.) to be handled with ease.

25 year warranty

The only brand which gives you a certified written warranty.


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